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Prepaid cards

Customers pay a certain amount to be loaded onto the card. The card can then be used to freely purchase goods or services within the balance.
KIS Information & Communication, prepaid cards come in various types: Charging type, nominal amount type and exchange type.

Key features of the charging type prepaid cards

Charging type prepaid cards can be used continuously through a single charge.
Low fees
Lower fees by 0.3~1.2% compared to regular credit cards
Increased brand awareness
Brand awareness is increased as franchise or member stores can produce their own prepaid cards.
Simplified payment scene
After prepaid cards are issued, the automatic charging function is used for convenience.

Key features for the nominal amount type of prepaid cards

The nominal amount type of prepaid cards allows you to charge a certain amount.
Secures loyal customers
By issuing the nominal amount type of prepaid cards, you can lure customers to come back to the store.
Options to choose customer notification
Message type (SMS, Kakao Talk, Push notification) can be selected for notification at the time of charging or payment.
Reasonable price for issuance of cards
The prepaid card is issued in mobile format and can be used at all KIS member stores but there is no cost for issuance.

Key features of the exchange type of prepaid cards

The exchange type of prepaid cards are like coupons that can be exchanged for a specific item at the member store.
Attraction of new customers
The exchange type of prepaid cards can offer special promotions to lure new customers
Easy gifting features
At the time of issuance, the card is registered on the coupon mall to have customers make purchases.
Real-time coupon management
Using the prepaid card admin function, you can check in real time the coupons issued/ used at the store.