VAN business

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VAN service

VAN service is a credit card settlement service that connects the communication network between credit card companies and member stores, and acts as an intermediary between member stores and card companies such as transaction approval, relay, and purchase of slips.

Unique features of KIS VAN

Uninterrupted Service by building IDC Center

2nd in the VAN industry Based on 2019 total number of payments

Providing differentiated additional service for member stores

Provide various prepayment services such as BLE payment, Smart order 2.0, etc.

Key features of KIS VAN

All card payments and authorizations of any kind
It is a service that provides real-time approval of the transaction by real time processing of the card information and transaction information to the card company using a card inquiry device (POS / payment terminal) installed in the merchant, provides 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With KISVAN, payment and authorization are possible regardless of the card type, such as credit card, debit card or check card.
Issue a cash receipt
Cash Receipt is a patented service of KIS Information & Communication, Inc that provides income or tax deduction when a customer presents a card or mobile phone number with cash.
Provide various membership payment and earning functions
KIS Information and Communication, Inc. Card Inquiry Cards installed at member stores can be used for payment and accumulation of membership services of mobile carriers (SKT, KT, LGU +) and OK Cashback service of SK Planet.
Provide Settlement management internet service such as sales and deposit
KISVAN provides various member store support services such as sales status, status by credit card company, checking deposit amount, managing deposits, and VAT reporting through Semplus Service, an exclusive internet service for member stores.

KIS VAN Registration

If you would like to install card terminal and POS, please follow the procedure below.


Apply for service

Customer center
  • Business day 09:00~20:00
  • Holiday 10:00~17:00


Customer Information Reception

Get store information Store name, representative, address, phone number


Store visit

Visit the agent and fill out the notification form for the credit card company and select the card inquiry machine (POS)


Customer Information Registration

Registering customer information in our computer takes 2 ~ 5 days to issue card company affiliate number for new store



Use card terminal (POS)

More information about new sign up is available under the 'Service Subscription and user guide' menu.
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