Smart payment business

We are creating new value through continuous technology development and differentiated services.

Non-PG payment

When paying online via mobile environment,
you can save 0.3~0.8% of PG fee by using Non-PG payment service.

Non-PG Payment Service Partnership

Large General Hospital
Large member store
Highway rest area
  • National highway rest areas such as Gyeongsan rest area, Gangneung (Gangneung direction) rest area, and Wonju rest area
Amusement park / tourist site
  • Installation and application in Jeju public tourist site
  • Non-PG to be installed in APP in Sejong City
  • Kia Motors Service Center, E-Mart 24
  • School mobile
Local market
  • Applied to regional zone such as Sinpo Market and Heyri Village
  • Non-PG applied to Twosome Place, DropTop Coffee, Black Line Coffee, etc.