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Wired payment Terminal

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KIS-1020 이미지2
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KIS-1020 썸네일2
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2 inch thermal terminal

  • IC card payment (EMV Level 1,2 certification)
  • Small size makes it easy to make the most of limited space
  • Built-in ethernet connection
  • 2 inch thermal ticket is used (50 mm)
  • SIZE : 132(W)mmX 202(L)mm X 87(H)mm
3” Terminal : POS link(O) / 3” Thermal slip(70mm, 80mm), Auto Cut

2” Terminal : POS link (X) / 2” Thermal slip(50mm)


ITEM Specification
CPU Model name HMS30C7210
Frequency 60MHZ
Processing unit 32Bit
Memory Program (type) Nor Flash Memory
Capacity 8Mbyte(64Mbit)
Data (type) SDRAM
Available capacity 16Mbyte(128Mbit)
MS Reader Model name JSR1760-1
Specifications ISO 2,3 Track
Modem Model name CX93011-11Z(Conexant)
Communication speed 56Kbps
LCD Model name 221-3059-1595
Resolution 128*64 STN Mono LCD
Printer Model name LTP01245
Printing method 2" Thermal printing
Printing speed 90mm/s
Key Pad Method Interrupter method
Whether light is emitted Light is emitted
Number of keys 23key
IC Reader Model name KWIFM
SAM Slot Number of slots 2EA
O/S Linux
PORT Type/ number 3 Port UART / RJ-11
1 Port Ethernet / RJ-45
2 Port TEL / RJ-11
Voltage 5V
Power part DC8.2V, 3.0A Adaptor
Manual line alignment