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KIOSK reader

KIS-R210RS 이미지1
KIS-R210RS 이미지2
KIS-R210RS 썸네일1
KIS-R210RS 썸네일2


Card reader for self-service KIOSK

  • Certified the Credit Finance Law security accreditation first in Korea (Lock Type)
  • Automatic download of a firmware (Online Download function)
  • Release switch of manual locking
  • Electric locking type using Solenoid
  • Use of a contact module developed itself (maximizing durability)
  • Minimizing an IC card damage with the design of landing type structure design
  • Release function of the automatic locking (after 120 seconds)
  • Release the lock automatically once power supply block


Classification Specifications
Using card ISO 7810 ID-1
MS ISO 7811 ( Track1, Track2, Track3 )
Read Only, F2F Reading Method
IC ISO 7816
EMV Level 1( EMV 2000 Ver. 4.2 type )
EMV LEVEL 2 Ver 4.3
MST Samsung Pay, LG Pay Read
SAM 1 SAM Socket
Communication method RS - 232C
Feed Speed 100 mm/s ~ 1,000 mm/s ( at flat card )
Lifespan MS : 500,000 pass
IC : 1,000,000 contact
Power supply DC 12V/2A
Operating environment 0~50℃, 5~90% RH
Dimention 82mm(W) × 139mm(L) × 50mm(H)
Weight Less than 200g