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Up-to-date dual monitor POS

  • Installation of SSD basically for a fast processing speed: SSD 64 GB
  • Adopted frontal (for stores) 15-inch monitors
  • Available to select rear monitors between (for clients) 9.7-inch and 15-inch
  • Eco-friendly design of non noise and low heat
  • Available to save electric charges due to extra low electricity of a consuming electric power of 4W.
  • Minimizing a board damage due to applying a power discrete type (AC adaptor)

Features of products


  1. 상세 이미지1


    Has SSD for a fast processing speed

    It is available to install DDR3 2GB RAM (MAX. 8GB), and a stable SSD by applying Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 Processor with the outstanding speed. It offers various options in order to be suitable for performance demanded by users.

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    Front 15-inch screen

    Convenient to mange a store with the 15-inch screen, and it offers clearer screen with high resolution by applying an eco-friendly LED Backlight illuminating system with low electricity. Moreover, it offers a long usage time due to minimizing the power consumption.

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    9.7-inch, 15-inch dual monitor

    It offers clients to check it by using clients' monitors, it also offers confidence to clients.

Classification Specifications
CPU Intel® Celeron Baytrail J1900(2M Cache, up to 2.42Ghz
RAM DDR3 SODIMM 2GB(up to 8GB, 1 Slots)
Storage SSD 64GB
DISPLAY 15-inch TFT LCD(250cd), 1024 x 768
Dual Monitor 9.7-inch, 15-inch
O/S Windows 10 IOT
Card Reader IC/MSR(ZR-4000 two-way IC)
POWER 60W Adapter, Input AC 100~240V, Output DC 12V/5A
I/O Serial 4, LAN 1, PS/2 1, USB 6, VGA 1, Audio 1