We are creating new value through continuous technology development and differentiated services.

Business field of NICE Group

NICE has created the industrial history of Korean finance infrastructure.

A formerly known as National Information & Credit Evaluation Inc., NICE GROUP was founded in 1986. It consistently expanded the base, and constitutes the business portfolio of the credit information business group, financial service business group, manufacturing business group, and new business group.
신용정보사업군, 금융서비스사업군, 제조사업군, 신사업군 신용정보사업군, 금융서비스사업군, 제조사업군, 신사업군
Information group
Leads corporation credit evaluation, individual credit evaluation, corporation information, asset management and market value appraisal of bonds.
Information Group
Offers ATM & CD VAN, credit card payment service, research, tax accounting service, cash distribution service.
business group
Is composed of businesses such as electronic parts, cell phone batteries, touch panels, pressing out & production of high strength aluminum, production of ECO magnesium, etc, and pursues newly added values through the combination of finance infrastructures and manufacturing.
business group
Leads beauty contents, beauty, manufacturing of health equipment, and food wrapping paper of eco-friendly foods. In the beauty content business, it offers contents related to cosmetics, and will lead in the field of app market cosmetics.